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Option 1

Lighting Controls Inventory Worksheet

Assess your building's compliance with Option 1 by taking an inventory of the number, type, and location of current lighting controls. You can use this worksheet as-is or modify it for your project.

Fixture Shielding (Option 1)

Demonstrate compliance with Option 1 through compliant outdoor fixture shielding, as documented with manufacturer cutsheets.

Appendix G Fan Power Calculator

This spreadsheet, provided here by 7group, can be used to calculate the fan volume and fan power for Appendix G models submitted for EAp2/EAc1.  Tabs are included to cover both ASHRAE 90.1-2004 and 90.1-2007 Appendix G methodologies.

Template Using California Title 24

This sample EAc1 LEED Online credit template shows documentation of a project using the California Title 24 energy code.

HVAC Load Calculations

These examples of summary load calculations for the tenant space show assumptions and results at full- and part-load, and compliance with ASHRAE-55.

HVAC Design Narrative

This example narrative of HVAC system serving the tenant space and the building level system describes how the zones and controls were determined, and anticipated energy savings.

Modeled Energy Reductions

This graph, for an office building design, shows how five overall strategies were implemented to realize energy savings of 30% below an ASHRAE baseline. (From modeling conducted by Synergy Engineering, PLLC.)

Tariff Charges

Option 1 calculates savings in annual energy cost, but utility prices may vary over the course of a year. This sample demonstrates how to document varying electricity tariffs.

Product Cut Sheets

Look to product cut sheets like these examples to find high

Sample Plan – Cool Roof

The project shown in this sample plan complies with the requirement to have greater than 75% of the roof area light-colored.