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Live Webinar: LEED Zero: Case Studies from Early Adopters

Live Webinar

Live Webinar: LEED Zero: Case Studies from Early Adopters

The live webinar occurred on Tuesday, June 30, from 2 pm to 3 pm Eastern (11 am Pacific)

LEED Zero rewards projects for net-zero waste, water, carbon, and/or energy. Hear from early adopters about how they did it—from an “energy treasure hunt” to a constructed wetland. One building was the first in the world to achieve LEED Zero Water, while the other was the first (and so far only) to achieve all four categories. These case studies provide a roadmap to success for others to follow.


João Vitor Gallo is at the forefront of solutions for efficiency in the use of water in buildings and leads the LEED certification team of Petinelli, a deep-green engineering and consulting firm in Brazil. He is the idealizer for the first commercial-scale application of the wastewater treatment system in wetlands and a pioneer in the application of the zero-water concept in the country. In addition, as an environmental engineer, he is responsible for the certification of the first LEED Zero Water building in the world: Eurobusiness, in Curitiba. Also in his portfolio is the project for the headquarters of RAC Engenharia, the first zero-water and -energy LEED Platinum building in Brazil.
With a background in environmental engineering and sustainability, DJ D'Agostino began working with Colgate-Palmolive in 2011, leading site sustainability initiatives at several U.S. manufacturing facilities before becoming an EHS coordinator at Colgate's Burlington, NJ plant. Among other initiatives, DJ led Burlington’s efforts to become the first facility in the world to achieve LEED Zero certification in all four categories: waste, water, energy, and carbon. Today, he continues to drive Colgate's sustainability initiatives by supporting the development of a Global Renewable Energy Master Plan. DJ is a LEED AP O+M as well as a TRUE Zero Waste Advisor.