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Integrative Process


Integrative Process

Creating sustainable built environments cannot be a one-person show. That’s because achieving sustainability goals requires tapping into synergies between different building components, and team members need to align their expertise towards common goals. A conventional process, where work gets passed down from the architect to other consultants to contractors and so on, leaves no scope for such collaboration.

On the other hand, an integrative process facilitates different disciplines to collaborate as one integrated team and is therefore the most crucial step in a green building project. It lays down multiple channels of communication, goal-setting methods, and feedback loops that ultimately result in high performance buildings. Integrative process is also a key component of the LEED rating system.

This course is a primer on integrative process. If you want to get the workflow in your project right, this course is for you!

It will give you a clear understanding of what an integrative process is and how you can implement it in your project. You will also have the LEED BD+C requirements for the integrative process at your fingertips.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe steps for implementing Integrative Process in practice.
  • List requirements of Integrative Process for BD+C rating system.
  • Enumerate differences between requirements for Integrative Process as a prerequisite and as a credit in BD+C rating system.
  • Understand minimum requirements to meet the Integrative Process credit in BD+C rating system.


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