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You can often earn this with existing meters

Many buildings already have meters in place that measure whole-building energy use and therefore satisfy this prerequisite. 

Those projects simply need to track energy use in one-month intervals (at minimum), compile monthly and annual energy use summaries, and commit to sharing energy data with USGBC for five years in order to meet the remaining requirements of this prerequisite. Projects must share electrical demand data for five years as well, if it is metered. 

If your project shares energy meters with another building, you must install metering that isolates energy use for the LEED project building. There are no special requirements for the meter type except that it must be permanent. Remember that all energy supplied to the building must be metered.

What’s New in LEED v4

  • This is a new prerequisite.
  • Ongoing energy tracking and reporting was previously required by Minimum Program Requirement 6 in LEED 2009.

Readiness Review Questions

  • Is metering currently in place to determine the total energy consumption of the project building, either in the form of a single overall meter or multiple submeters?
  • If not, can additional metering be installed?
  • How frequently is energy consumption data currently recorded and by whom? The prerequisite requires a monthly reading, at minimum. Should automatic loggers or manual readings be used to satisfy this requirement?
  • Can the project commit to sharing energy data with USGBC for five years?