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Track the right waste streams

This credit involves implementing the prerequisite policy you developed and demonstrating actual waste diversion achievement over the performance period. 

Waste from three major sources must be tracked: routine maintenance activity, renovation activity, and furniture/furnishings. Waste generated by tenant FMR (facility maintenance and renovation) activities must be tracked too, so spend some time determining whether any tenants plan to do maintenance or renovations during the performance period, and work with them to set up goals and tracking systems.

Establishing a foolproof system for separating and measuring these waste streams is the key to earning this credit. Sharing your policy and tracking tools with all parties involved–including tenants, contractors, and waste haulers–can help your project meet the minimum diversion threshold. 

Teams should also be aware that a project-specific waste management plan must be developed for each renovation that takes place during the performance period. The plan must include the five largest waste categories targeted for diversion, approximate weight or volume anticipated, and the diversion strategies used. Refer back to your prerequisite policy for details. 

What’s New in LEED v4

  • The credit no longer requires a minimum number of trades or scope of work. In fact, the credit now covers waste generated by normal/routine maintenance activities as well.
  • A requirement to develop a waste management plan for each facility renovation project has been added.
  • The credit now includes furniture waste.

Readiness Review Questions

  • Is there a process in place for tracking waste generated by all renovations and routine facility maintenance? Remember that there is no minimum scope of work in this LEED v4 credit; even waste from routine maintenance is covered by this credit.
  • What larger facility alteration or addition projects are scheduled to occur during the performance period? If a tenant will control the project, are they willing to share data?
  • Does the construction team or hauler have an existing system for tracking construction waste? Can that system be repurposed to track waste in the manner required by this credit?
  • Is there a local market for recycling or salvaging FMR waste? Are there organizations that will accept donated waste materials?
  • What are your project’s potential barriers to waste diversion?