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Standard practice for most projects

It’s standard practice for most new buildings to install whole-building energy metering, which satisfies this prerequisite. In addition, those projects simply need to commit to sharing energy use data and electrical demand data (if metered) with USGBC for five years.

If your project design doesn’t currently include compliant energy metering, you’ll need to ensure that metering is installed that measures energy use for the LEED project building. All energy supplied by a utility company or campus central plant must be metered. Teams are not required to meter locally generated sources of energy that are dedicated to the project building, such as photovoltaic systems. However, teams may want to consider installing additional metering when doing so will support the project’s ability to meet energy performance goals during operations.

Remember that energy meters cannot be shared with another building. There are no special requirements for the meter type except that it must be permanent. Meters must track energy use at one-month intervals, at minimum.

What’s New in LEED v4.1

  • Nothing!

Should I Upgrade?

This credit is unchanged between v4 and v4.1, so there is no reason to do a one-off credit upgrade.