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Separate rewards for density and variety

Density and diverse uses are rewarded separately in this credit. Projects can earn points in both or either of the density and diverse use options. If your project is located in a metropolitan area, it’s likely that both components can be achieved.

There’s also hope for suburban and rural projects! If your building is located on a main street or in a transit-oriented development area, and surrounded by mixed commercial and community services, the diverse uses option may still be achievable even if the density minimums are unattainable.

What’s New in LEED v4.1

  • The word “radius” has been clarified throughout the credit language; it’s been replaced with the word “offset.”
  • Options for data centers have changed. Data centers are now grouped with warehouses.

Should I upgrade?

If you’re designing a data center, the requirements are more realistic for this project type and probably easier to achieve. For other project types, the credit hasn’t changed, so there’s no need to do a one-off upgrade to v4.1.