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Lay the groundwork for the maintenance credits

Your team must develop and adopt a facility maintenance and renovation (FMR) policy to achieve LEED certification, since this is a prerequisite policy. However, you only have to demonstrate actual compliance with the policy if you pursue the related credits. The policy covers three major areas: materials purchasing, waste management, and protecting indoor air quality during FMR activities.

The policy needs to cover all maintenance and renovations work in the building (including work done by tenants). However, the purchasing section specifically can be targeted to cover only products purchased by the building management. This requirement maps to the requirements under the related credits. 

Project teams should definitely use the template created by USGBC as the foundation for the policy. Customizing the template is encouraged so that the policy reflects your building’s operational practices. But remember that all prerequisite requirements must be addressed, so take care when removing or adjusting content.

What’s New in LEED v4

  • This is a new prerequisite, though previous versions of LEED have included similar requirements as credits.

Readiness Review Questions

  • Who will be responsible for managing and enforcing the various aspects of this policy? How will the responsible parties track, measure and evaluate both FMR purchasing and waste management?
  • What are the building’s goals for facility maintenance and renovation projects, related to materials purchasing and waste diversion? How will targets be assessed? 

  • What actions are necessary for the policy to take effect prior to the start of the performance period?
  • How can you involve your vendors in supporting your goals? 

  • How can you involve your tenants in supporting your goals?