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It’s all about the process

Any project can earn this credit, and it’s readily achievable for teams that take an integrated approach from the project onset. The credit requires early analysis of energy and water systems in order to identify synergies within the project design that can optimize energy and water performance. 

To earn this credit, teams must create a “simple box” energy model and perform a preliminary water budget analysis. The LEED Reference Guide provides additional detail on the potential strategies that must be assessed in these analyses. Teams must then demonstrate how the preliminary analyses were used to optimize the design of the building’s energy- and water-related systems.

What’s New in the LEED v4.1 beta

Teams still need to do a simple-box energy model and early-phase water calculations. However, there are changes under the implementation phase that now require a letter to be drafted by the IDP leader mapping out the IDP process, rather than a prescriptive checklist to fill out for documentation.