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Install whole-building potable water metering

It’s standard practice for most new buildings to install whole-building potable water metering, which satisfies this prerequisite. Those projects simply need to record meter readings monthly, compile water use summaries, and commit to sharing water use data with USGBC for five years in order to meet the remaining requirements of this prerequisite. 

GBCI won’t ask teams to provide water use summaries at the time of certification, since that data won’t be available. To document this credit, you’ll need to confirm that compliant metering is in place, and provide a copy of the commitment letter stating that the project will share water data with USGBC going forward. 

If your project design doesn’t currently include compliant water metering, you’ll need to ensure that a meter is added that measures water use for the LEED project building and grounds. Remember that the meter cannot be shared with another building. There are no special requirements for the meter type except that it must be permanent. Meter readings can be automated or manual.

What’s New in LEED v4

  • The ongoing tracking and reporting requirements of this new prerequisite were previously required for all LEED 2009 projects under MPR6.