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Highly achievable prerequisite, and worth doing

This prerequisite is highly achievable, and worth doing, because it will give you valuable information on the performance and efficiency of your building systems and operations.

A big part of this prerequisite is developing documentation for your operational procedures. For those familiar with LEED 2009, the systems narrative, building operating plan, sequence of operations, and preventive maintenance plan have been re-branded as the Current Facilities Requirements in the LEED v4 prerequisite language. An ASHRAE Level I audit is still required, so there shouldn’t be any surprises as long as you keep an eye on a few of the smaller details.

What’s New in LEED v4

  • Specific requirements have been added for Data Center projects.

Readiness Review Questions

  • Is relevant building information in written form or at least ready to be developed and documented? Is it accessible to all relevant building personnel? Once you develop operational best practices, it’s an effective practice to make sure the whole staff as access to them. 

  • Has an ASHRAE Level I audit been conducted in the last five years? If so, you don’t need to repeat the process during your performance period. However, the audit report must be updated to reflect any significant changes in operating procedures or building systems. 

  • If an ASHRAE audit has not been completed, are you in a position to perform the work in-house, or do you need to bring in an outside party?