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Finding a compliant site can be tricky

This credit encourages projects to locate in a LEED for Neighborhood Development certified site. There are many points to be had if you can manage to do this, but with a limited number of LEED-ND certified sites currently available, this credit won’t be achievable for many projects. 

If you are successful in locating in a LEED-ND certified site, the total number of points you’ll earn for this credit will depend on the certification level achieved by the LEED-ND project.Teams should also be aware that pursuing this credit makes your project ineligible to earn points under other Location and Transportation (LT) credits.

The credit essentially acts as a shortcut: if you have a LEED-ND site, you can skip much of the documentation of the LT section in LEED while netting a lot of points.

What’s New in LEED v4

  • This is a new credit.
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