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Exceed the prerequisite requirements

This credit rewards projects that exceed the requirements specified in the indoor water use reduction prerequisite. Additional points are earned for every 5% of additional savings over the prerequisite requirement of 20%, up to 50% savings. An additional Innovation point can be earned for exemplary performance for projects that achieve savings of 55% or greater.

What’s New in LEED v4

  • Under the Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Schools rating systems, LEED now includes opportunities to earn appliance and process water savings credits.
  • Duration-based savings from autocontrol faucets with sensors or metering controls are no longer allowed, since studies have shown that autocontrol faucets do not produce water savings.
  • To earn points, the USGBC requires you to provide fixtures that meet occupant needs. The nearest available restrooms are used in credit calculations when no bathroom facilities are located within the project boundaries. These additional facilities can be excluded from the prerequisite requirements.
  • The WaterSense label requirements that were recommended in LEED 2009 are now mandatory for projects in the U.S., with a local equivalent allowed elsewhere.