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The evolution of MPRs in LEED

Minimum Program Requirements (MPRs), which set literal and actual boundaries for how LEED certification should be applied, continue to evolve in LEED v4. Here's a short history so far:

  • Pre-LEED-2009: no MPRs
  • LEED 2009 (LEED v3): MPRs introduced, with 7 in most rating systems. Supplemental guidance introduced and modified over time as MPRs proved confusing.
  • LEED v4: MPRs more integrated into rating system, reduced to 3.

What to look for in LEED v4

The requirements conveyed by the LEED 2009 MPRs have not changed in LEED v4.

However, USGBC has made structural changes to the MPRs in order to maintain alignment with the overall evolution of the rating system. Some MPRs have been relocated to other documents (like a legal form) and some have been incorporated into the rating system as prerequisites. The MPRs that remain more clearly represent the foundational nature of these requirements.

How LEED 2009 MPRs have transitioned to LEED v4.

Supplemental guidance embedded in requirements

If you're looking to interpret specific requirements of an MPR, look in the MPR language itself (see the credit language tab) under "Additional Guidance," where applicable, rather than in lengthy supplemental guidance documents.

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