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Costs for LEED-ND Location

The cost of locating a project within a LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) is very project-specific, and beyond the scope of this study. There is no general reason for a cost premium, unless the development as a whole is being built on a premium basis, but in that case the cost would not be related to the specific building, or to LEED.

Achieving this credit does result in immediate cost savings for the individual project, however. This credit is an alternative compliance path for the entire LT category in LEED BD&C, and therefore earning this credit reduces LEED documentation needs. Also, while this is a project-specific factor, a LEED-ND location provides shared green infrastructure that is likely to reduce the cost of green strategies for individual projects.

Locating projects in LEED-ND locations also brings overall economic, social, health, and sustainable design benefits associated with the master plan, due to location, access, parking, and land conservation.

Cost Synergies

Replaces all LT credits.
All SS credits
All WE credits (if water reduction and reuse strategies are pursued at a district level) Various EA credits (if district strategies are pursued)