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Can double-stacked bike storage racks comply with this credit?

Maybe. A LEEDuser member received the following response from GBCI in July 2018:

“The LEED v4 Reference Guide does not indicate double-stacked bicycle storage cannot be provided, so it could, technically, be possible. There are a few aspects of the Reference Guide I can point out that might help the project team determine the best location, space allocation, and configuration of the bicycle storage.

First, consider the intent of the credit, which is "To promote bicycling and transportation efficiency and reduce vehicle distance traveled…

Next, Step 6 of the Step-By-Step guidance provides the following guidance:

"Locate bicycle storage to meet the credit requirements for the project’s rating system. Both short-term and long-term storage facilities are more likely to be used if they are located in a well-lit, safe, and accessible area…"

Next, in the Further Explanation section, the following guidance is provided:

"SELECTING BICYCLE STORAGE: Bicycle racks should reflect best practices in design and installation. For example, the rack should support the bicycle in at least two places, to keep it from falling over, and allow the owner to lock both the bicycle frame and one or both wheels with a U-lock. The rack must be securely anchored and resistant to cutting, rusting, bending, and other deformation."

In summary, the project team should provide bicycle storage that is easily accessible and secure. However, the team should also seek to configure the storage in a way that eliminates as many real and perceived barriers as possible, which will encourage more ridership.”


Can double-stacked bike storage racks comply with this credit?