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Building-Level Energy Metering and Energy Metering

Prerequisite Requirements

The prerequisite requires the installation of energy meters to track a building’s total energy usage for compliance. Separate meters are needed for segregating energy
uses, including electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, steam, chilled water, hot water, biomass, propane, etc. Utility meters may be used to demonstrate compliance and track energy usage, and delivery tickets from any fuels transported to the building may also be used.

While most projects use utility-provided meters, many campus projects are supplied
with energy from central plants. It has been common practice not to individually meter buildings in these cases because the same owner pays the bill anyway. However, more owners are recognizing the benefits of metering individual building use, including identifying leaks (such as in steam or chilled water services), being able to track down anomalous power uses (which may otherwise blend in with a campus average), and being able to allocate costs to different buildings, users, or departments. This in turn can drive further innovation and savings.

Credit Requirements

The energy metering credit recognizes additional metering of any system expected to represent at least 10% of the total annual consumption of the building.

In most cases, this is likely to apply to lighting, cooling and heating loads, or air flow specifically, depending on usage. It could also apply to plug loads, process usage, or domestic hot water, depending on the building program.

These meters are required to be connected to a data collection network, which could be separate from the DDC (direct digital control) network, but does not have to be. Whatever approach is utilized, it must be remotely accessible. Projects should tie into Energy Star Portfolio Manager to track and report their data. 

Cost Synergies

WEp3 / WEc4: Water Metering
EAp1 / EAc1: Commissioning
EAp2 / EAc2: Energy Performance
EAc4: Demand Response
EAc5: Renewable Energy Production

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