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To BUG or not to BUG

This credit offers two major compliance options.

Depending on your site lighting plan, this credit can be easier to achieve with the calculation method, which allows light trespass to the center of the street under certain conditions. Technologies to reduce light pollution and achieve this compliance option include full cutoff luminaries, low-reflectance surfaces, and low-angle spotlights.

The other option is to pursue the BUG Rating method. BUG is a prescriptive rating method based on the assessment of backlight, uplight, and glare for site lighting fixtures. BUG tested lights are available for purchase or can be calculated. While the market needs to catch up a bit here, it’s very likely that a wider selection of fixtures will be available as time goes on.

What’s New in LEED v4.1

  • Nothing!

Should I Upgrade?

This credit is unchanged between v4 and v4.1, so there is no reason to do a one-off credit upgrade.